Philip Fierlinger

I co-founded Turntable with my brother Peter in 1994. I have expertise in design, programming and marketing. My design work has been featured in numerous publications: Music Dot Com (Duncan Baird), ID Magazine, Adobe Magazine, Adobe Gallery, Macromedia Gallery, Linkdup, Cool Homepages, among others. I have been invited to speak at SXSW, FlashForward, Macromedia UCON, Seybold, Macworld, Midem, and numerous other conferences around the world. I have also written on Object Oriented Programming for the Flash 5 Bible, as well as teaching graduate courses on interactive design.

These are the main things that I obsess about on a regular basis:

I've been doing that for over ten years now and I still love it.

Below are some of the things I've done prior to Turntable.



Atari and Beagle Brothers

I grew up near Philadelphia, where my parents ran an animation studio. When I was 12, I stopped playing Atari and started programming on the Apple II.


A broad in Italy

After high school I traveled to Italy. I lived with an illustrator outside of Venice learning Italian, painting and bottling fine wine.


Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design
University of the Arts, Philadelphia

I was interested in car interiors, specifically dashboard instrument panel design, which led me to study industrial design. Camille Paglia taught me Art History.


Senior Thesis, Internship at General Magic

I spent my final semester in Silicon Valley at General Magic, a company founded by the original Macintosh team (Andy Hertzfeld, Susan Kare, Bill Atkinson). I worked with engineers from Sony, Philips, Motorola and AT&T developing handheld digital devices. I also worked with Steve Perlman (who later founded WebTV) conceptualizing and designing "third generation pocket communicators".


Creative Learning Systems, San Diego

CLS created media labs for high schools nationwide. I helped design their next generation of networked media environments. After spending a year in San Diego I really missed the Bay Area, so I moved back to San Francisco.


Formed Turntable

In 1994, I returned to the Bay Area. After working on projects for various CD-ROM companies I formed Turntable Media with my brother Peter.

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