Kevin Murray


Losing My Religion

I grew up in Orange County when there were still oranges growing. Twelve years of Catholic school saved me from what would have been intellectual suicide at the hands of the wonderfully anemic California school system. My true discovery of music would take place in my Junior year of High School when a classmate hands me a cassette of the Minutemen's "Double Nickles on the Dime". Nothing would ever be the same.


Bad Brains

The College Years (sort of) - I study (sort of) at the University Of California, Irvine. I also DJ as much as possible on KUCI - the campus radio station. While at KUCI, older and wiser DJs turn me onto the the roots of Funk, R&B and Jazz and my musical spectrum grows ten fold. I switch majors 3 times from Undeclared to Fine Arts to Music and finally to Social Science before I abandon higher education to spend my days working in warehouses and my nights playing music in them.


Twisto Frumpkin

We were a 3-piece soul/funk/punk outfit. A mélange of Funkadelic, Bad Brains, Fishbone and the Minutemen. If you will. We played around with all of the local bands of the time: fIREHOSE, the Vandals, No Doubt, Sublime, The Shrinky Dinx (later renamed Sugar Ray), the Weirdos, The Dickies and the legendary El Grupo Sexo. You can catch all the sorted details of the break up the next time you watch any episode of Behind the Music.


Advertising Manager
Norwalk Record Distributors

Handled all advertising responsibilities for a national one-stop. Managed co-op advertising funds, company advertising funds and yearly vendor conventions. Also handled company creative direction. I see how the "mom & pop" music distribution network works and I get my first taste of major label ad dollars...


West Coast Advertising Manager
Alternative Distribution Alliance

Managed co-op and label, directed advertising funds for the western regional
account base. We distributed all of the "indie" artists from WB, Elektra and Atlantic along with labels like SubPop, K Records, Touch-N-Go, Kill Rockstars, Tommy Boy, etc...


Website Supervisor - Webcast Producer
DreamWorks Records

Creative/technical supervisor for label and artist web sites/ecds/multimedia from conception to final product. Filmed, edited and produced DreamWorks' artist web casts and in-studio episodes. This is also when I am introduced to and hire Turntable for numerous projects. DreamWorks Records website wins copious accolades including Communication Arts Interactive Design annual, Macromedia Site of the Day, Project Cool, etc.


National Audio Video Production Manager

Responsible for all audio and video content on high traffic website. Filmed, edited, and produced interview and live performance videos for independent and major label artists. Encoded all audio and video for the site.


Joined forces with Turntable.

Kevin's alter ego