About Turntable

Turntable is a digital design, development and strategic consulting firm.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • · Design, programming, strategy
  • · Flash design, programming, animation, video
  • · CSS, (X)HTML, PHP, XML, mySQL
  • · Macromedia Director design, programming
  • · Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand
  • · Premiere, FinalCut, After Effects, Cleaner

We tend to do a lot of entertainment related interactive design work for major media empires, as well as small indie outfits. Our expertise and style also fits perfectly with design conscious corporates that need to reach youth culture, early adopters, and fashion focused consumers.

Instant gratification

Instant gratification describes our fundamental approach to designing interactive experiences.

For every pixel, for every line of code, we ask ourselves: What does a user get in return for their time and effort?

People want a great user experience. A great user experience happens when you present excellent content in a smart interface that loads quickly. When the look and feel reflects the culture of the audience. When there's a set of features that perfectly anticipates the user's needs and desires.

Deliver an interactive experience that is enjoyable and addictive, then people will eagerly tell everyone they know. That's the way you attract a loyal following.

Client gratification

We offer a solid deliverable, on time and on budget. A good working relationship, through a collaborative effort. We have a shared interest in the success of your business.

We seek projects that provoke us to think in new ways, that challenge us to be both technically and aesthetically inventive.

This strategy has helped us to create groundbreaking work for some of the most influential cultural and corporate names in the world.